Why choose Solar power Melbourne?

9.9KW & 6.6KW Longi 370w Mono Half-Cut & goowee 6kw full battery ready inverter.

With its world class engineering and design, goodwee's new Battery ready inverter is leading the way in the Australian solar market. 
Full 10 year inverter warranty - fully battery compatible, plug and play when you upgrade to a battery.

The Brand New Longi 370W Half-cut, mono Panels are the most popular panels in the market at the moment! 
These panels come with 
12 Year Product and 25 Year Performance Warranties.

All Backed by our complimentary 25 year instalLation warrAnty. - ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN CODE IS MENTIONED. (OZ6.6, or, OZ9.9)

"This is a truly battery-ready solar solution. When the time comes to add batteries, you can plug them directly into your existing inverter using an activation code, without any additional equipment."